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product design

Enhancing the ecommerce experience for one of Canada's largest luxury retailers.

My Role
Product Designer
February 2021 - July 2023
Harry rosen


Crafting a tailored shopping experience.

For over 65 years, the name Harry Rosen has been synonymous with luxury menswear in Canada. Myself and other team members had partnered with them to bring next generation digital experiences to their clientele. Needing to improve on an already existing digital experience to match their high-end in store experience, I was brought on to help introduce new features that aligned with their mission.
To achieve their vision of a next generation digital experience, Harry Rosen needed a digital platform that could support them today, tomorrow, and for years to come. The team had proposed a new philosophy to modernize their retail architecture with three primary goals: achieve more consistent data, provide a reliable source of truth for key information, and in anticipation of powering multiple interfaces, improve conversion rates across mediums.

the process

Introducing brand new functionalities.

Prior to me joining the team, a lot of the big/important tasks such as conducting primary research, and stakeholders interviews had already been completed by other members some years back. In essence, a good chunk of the project was already "completed" and was undergoing its optimization phase. In terms of the process, Harry Rosen would internally analyze what areas of their site was lacking in terms of features & UX and would come to the team and I to bring the ideas to life.

my role and responsibilities

During my time on the project, my primary role was to utilize best e-commerce UX practices to help introduce those small-medium features on the desktop/mobile versions of the site. Due to time/budget constraints, a lot of these features had to be completed within a number of weeks with little time for in-depth research or user testing. However, that did not hinder the quality of the end product.

Collaborating extensively with our developers, PMs, and Harry Rosen themselves, we had launched a great number of features to the site which helped Harry Rosen attain their goals and retain their trust in us.

what I've worked on

Next Generation Experiences, Now

There have been a significant amount of changes that have been introduced to the site since joining the team. Many of which have improved the overall quality and UX of the site for Harry Rosen's clientele. There are two features and improvements that I wish to highlight briefly.

the cart page

Harry Rosen's previous cart flyout had faced a plethora of issues. Due to the small amount of space dedicated to the page itself, when there a lot of items in a customer's cart, the UI would get cluttered with product information; some of it being important, some of it not so much.

Keeping that in mind, the team and I have decided to make the cart page its own standalone experience. By making the cart it's own page, it should allow the content to 'breathe' and shouldn't overwhelm customers with the amount of information that would be presented if they were to have more than a couple items in their cart.

harry rosen design system

Prior to joining the team, Harry Rosen had an already established design system that another designer had worked on. The issue with this design system was that it was severely outdated and ha lot of the components were not in use. On top of that, it was built within the Sketch & Invision pipeline so it made it difficult to collaborate with other designers and developers day to day.

To alleviate these internaI issues, I took it upon myself to completely modernize the Harry Rosen design system by retiring the Sketch & Invision workflow and instead bringing it to Figma. We chose Figma because of how easy it is to collaborate with clients, devs, and project managers to build a scalable system. With this new design system, we ensured that each component was scalable for different viewports and use cases. Accessibility was also a very important consideration. With that, I had also updated the colours and font sizing so that they met WCAG standards.

The result

Since joining the team in early 2021, Harry Rosen has seen a 120% increase in conversion rates across the site.

The result

The amount of revenue gained year over year on the website is up by 2.5x .

What I learned

Whilst working on this project, I've learned a lot about what it takes to work within cross-functional team where the product is always in a state of optimization. When it came to introducing new functionality to the site, it allowed me to look at the existing experiences holistically so that new features were able to be seamlessly integrated without impeding on the current experience.