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Quantum Mob Rebrand


Project Overview

During my time at Quantum Mob, the team and I had underwent and developed a complete visual refresh of their brand that would allow them to have a more established image and goal that could cater to the needs of their target audiences.

My Role

Product Designer - Interaction Design, Visual Design, Userflows, Workshop Facilitation


January 2020 - July 2020

The Team

Eric Kim (Co-Founder), Erich Reich (Co-Founder & CTO), Keats Jabri-Pickett (Marketing Manager), Britton Russell (Tech Sales), Sushil Taylor (Developer)


A complete refresh of an existing brand.

What was the challenge?

At Quantum Mob the main challenge that we faced was how can we develop a consistent brand message across many different mediums.  

To start things off, I facilitated a mini branding workshop with our internal stakeholders (CEOs, Marketing Specialists, Sales, etc) so that we could generate ideas on what we want the Quantum Mob brand to be.

The primary business goals

1. Develop a strong vision for the future

There was no clear niche on who Quantum Mob wanted to cater their services to as they have dabbled in many industries.

2. Create a new visual identity to coincide with the new vision

Across various online mediums (website, social media, email, etc) there lacked a cohesive visual identity.

Kickoff engagement

Setting up the foundations.

Initial branding exercises

To start things off, I facilitated a mini workshop with our internal stakeholders (CEOs, Marketing Specialists, Sales, etc) so that we could generate ideas on what we want the Quantum Mob brand to be. The purpose of these sessions was to bring everyone into the same environment so that when bouncing ideas off of each other, it allowed us to understand everyone’s different perspectives on the company.

The first branding exercise I had everyone participate in involved ideating on different attributes that best represented the company. The purpose of the exercise was to have the participants identify what they thought about Quantum Mob under different categories.

Affinity map of the responses


Strengths & Weaknesses

The second exercise was just having them list out what they think were the current brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

Notable strengths:

- The potential to grow and evolve as a company
- Having broad service offerings
- Diverse set of professionals

Notable weaknesses:

- No consistent outbound messaging
- No consistency between design assets and tone
- Not focusing on strength of team
- Too niche

Company's current strengths and weaknesses

identifying customers

Deciding on who we're designing for

Target audiences

For the last exercise, I had the participants identify who our desired target audiences were (almost like personas), what might be some of their motives/objectives and what kind of solutions could we provide them. The team had decided to focus catering the company two demographics: Prospective Employees & Small-Medium Sized Businesses.

Client Persona


Prospective Employee Persona

workshop findings

Let's talk about the results


The key takeaways from these exercise were that many participants believed the company should focus on highlighting its ability to be “diverse, collaborative, open/transparent, forward thinking, and solution oriented" when describing the company.

Going forward with the next steps

New branding initiatives

We wanted our 'voice' to highlight some of the advantages of working with/for Quantum Mob such as a focus on trust & transparency & modernizing existing solutions

New clientele focus

We had chosen to focus on prospective clients (S-M business), partnerships, and prospective employees.

Information architecture

Building the information architecture

Exposing the skeleton

The team had wanted to focus on catering the site to support the new needs/objectives of our target audiences. I developed a site-map to help me set the foundation on where content should exist on the site and how our users will access it.

Site architecture

design work

Designing the foundations

Building out the future.

The design library I developed was primarily focused on improving the functionality, accessibility, and general aesthetics of the website. When designing it, I broke the library down into various small components (buttons, input fields, etc) which together would form bigger components such as nav-bars, combination headings, etc.

Webpage layout margins


Website font sizes


Website & brand colours


Button stylings


Card stylings

design work

Unmistakeably Quantum Mob

Company projects


Case study designs


Mobile screens


Mixed devices


Now that it's all said and "done"

My first ever solo facilitation workshop

When I joined the team at Quantum Mob as a solo designer, I had the chance to really learn and hone my skills as a Product Designer.

What I learned from this project

Cross-Functional Workshop Facilitation

Conducting a workshop takes a great deal of organization and planning. Being able to bring people together with different backgrounds was difficult, but I learned a lot about how each member's expertise can be utilized.

Creating a Dev Ready Design Library

Creating and managing my first design library within Figma and collaborating with our devs to make code-ready assets proved to be a very valuable skill for future projects.

Next Project

Beacon AR-Based Navigation

Creating an indoor AR-based navigation app for students visiting a new campus.


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